Nervous Habit

Some people tend to shake their legs, tap the table, or pull on their hairs when nervous. I pick the sides of my nailbeds. It’s rather unflattering and prone to infections. Yet, it’s a habit I have tried to break to no avail.
After all, I used to be a nail-biter for the vast majority of my childhood. My ma tried for so long to break my habit but gave up. And I think it was the giving up that scared me into stopping what I once thought was impossible. 

I thought I’d give myself this one break for my nervous habit. Yes, my bloody thumbs look rather disturbing. But if this one little trick could keep me from stress-throwing up and from spontaneously falling asleep, you got a little deal. 


One thought on “Nervous Habit

  1. I’ve got a pretty embarrassing nervous habits myself. Well, several of them.

    But the worst if the one where I scratch at the base of my neck really quickly, and tug on my shirt collar. I’ll do it quickly, like my arm is having a seizure or something. It’ll go on for a really long time. If i’m really panicking, that will accompany some nice, violent rocking motion and some talking to myself. Trust me, people love it, I get stared at ALL the time. It’s like I’m a Hollywood Star. 🙂

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